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What we do

We do transparency - at CMA Info our philosophy is to provide anyone involved in property with all the tools, resources and as much information as possible - without restrictions. This means you can:

  • Get to know the market
  • Investigate sales
  • Provide a professional service to your clients
  • Produce accurate, informative and professional CMA Valuations
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A mapping system that gives results. Easy to use and lots to look at

Easy Searching

CMA Info incorporates a wide range of user-friendly searches. With very little input you can initiate any one of a number of property search routines which will provide information, not only on the property, but also the latest ownership, sale, transfer and registration data.

Easy Prospecting

The comprehensive search facility enables you to find information about properties potentially for sale, properties suitable for subdivision, blocks of flats, etc...

Quick CMA's

"Hey Presto" - Using the industry standard approach to producing a CMA you can prepare accurate and professional looking CMA Valuations at the click of a button. You can then choose from a range of reports to include with the valuation.


CMA Info almost searches for you

Sales & Transfers

When doing research it is useful to have a list of sales or transfers in an area.

CMA Info allows you to select either a Sales report (including reported sales) or Transfers report. Reports can be for Full Title, Sectional Title or Commercial / Industrial properties. All searches can be refined to include only those properties in a given price range.

Additional searches include properties currently "For Sale" and "Show House" reports with links to the listing agent.

Sales and transfers

Interactive Mapping

GIS (Geographic Information Systems), sounds impressive, but this is simply a map of all the properties with the longitude and latitude of each erf recorded in our data base. When a property is selected by clicking on the map this then links to our extensive data base of property information.

So even though you might not know the exact address or erf number of a property, you should still be able to get the information simply by searching and clicking on the map.


CMA Valuations

CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) value is an informed price taken from the list of recent sales in the vicinity of the property being valued. CMA Info uses the industry standard accepted CMA valuation.

In places like the USA and UK one finds that suburbs tend to have rows of identical properties. In this situation doing a CMA is relatively easy - the price of a property is the base price for the area i.e. they all have the same starting point. The only change for a particular property being allowances for renovations - hot tubs, sun decks, additional rooms, etc...

In South Africa, the situation is very different. Suburbs are not always uniform and houses differ in size and shape from one property to the next. In Cape Town, for example, one will find a 100 year old Victorian house right next door to a newly built two storey mansion. This can make valuing properties rather difficult as this new property may be the latest sale in the area.

CMA Info valuations allow for this by including a range of sales within the vicinity of the property being valued. The use of our GIS mapping system enables us to find properties in the vicinity of the subject property. This allows us to produce valuations using correct CMA data for both full title and sectional title properties. The resulting CMA shows the sample properties selected for use in the valuation and allows you to exclude any that you do not feel are suitable.

So ... at the click of a mouse ... find the property you are valuing, click on the CMA Valuation, accept the default search criteria or change as you feel necessary, click on continue and there you have it.



Monthly Subscriptions

640.00Per region per office

Additional individual user monthly subscription - R65.00

Property Queries / Reports

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 User reconnection fee R100.00
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Terms & Conditions / Points of Interest

The Subscription price is per office inclusive of ONE user who must complete a separate Individual Agent Registration form.

In the event that there is more than one office in a region, each office must subscribe separately regardless of any ownership, franchise or other business relationship.

Monthly subscription - provides the subscriber and its additional registered subscribing employees in the same office as the subscriber with access to the cmainfo.co.za web site so as to log in and perform any of the searches, make use of all the information and GIS maps available as well as perform CMA Valuations a la CMA Info.

The best in comparative market anaylsis

A mapping system that gives results

CMA Info almost searches for you

Prospecting made easy


CMA Info Subscription

The CMA Info website is intended solely for use by those involved in property in their professional capacity such as Estate Agents who are registered with the EAAB.

Should you be looking for property information, ownership details, sales reports on both full title, sectional title, commercial industrial, contact details etc then this is the search engine for you.

On receipt of your application you will be contacted during business hours for confirmation and activation

Subscribe and see the benefits of using the prospecting tools, reasons to call and know what to say.

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